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On March 26, 1994 he heard a voice saying “Little son, write! ” “Marco, dear son, do not be afraid, I am Mother, write for all of your brothers and sisters”.

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The first apparition of the “Mother of Love” as a 12 months-old woman, occurred in July 1994; the next year, Marco was entrusted with private messages for Pope John Paul II and the Bishop of Brescia, which he duly transmitted. He additionally obtained 11 secrets and techniques in regards to the world, Italy, apparitions on the earth, the return of Jesus, the Church and the Third Secret of Fatima. • The fact that lots of the occasions predicted in these messages have already come true with nice accuracy. • The constantly elevated theological content material and pedagogy of those messages and devotions.

From 1995 to 2005, Marco had seen stigmata throughout Lent and relived the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday. While an investigative commission was established in 1998 by Bishop of Brescia Bruno Foresti, the Church has by no means taken an official position on the apparitions, though Marco‘s prayer group has been allowed to meet in a church within the diocese. In 1992, Marco Ferrari began assembly with pals to hope the Rosary on Saturday evenings.

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Martin Gavenda – who would become the primary seer of the apparitions – saw a white light and a female figure who stated that she wanted to use him for God’s plans. At the lady’s subsequent appearance, the kids sprinkled the mysterious figure with blessed water, considering it may be a demon, but the woman did not disappear. The apparitions continued in Dobra Voda, then in Dechtice, the place other children also began to receive messages. On August 15, 1995, the woman recognized herself as Mary, Queen of Help. Marco continues to obtain messages on the fourth Sunday of each month, the content of which is strongly convergent with many different credible prophetic sources.

The messages in these volumes are a treatise of spirituality, divine wisdom, and morality for individuals who welcome them with religion and humility, so I suggest them so that you can read, meditate upon, and put into follow. Luz de María de Bonilla is a Catholic mystic, stigmatist, wife, mom, Third Order Augustinian, and prophet from Costa Rica, currently residing in Argentina. She grew up in a really spiritual residence with great devotion to the Eucharist, and as a child, experienced heavenly visits from her guardian angel and the Blessed mother, whom she thought of her companions and confidants.

In 1990, she obtained a miraculous therapeutic from an illness, coinciding with each a visitation from the Blessed Mother and a brand new and more public calling to share her mystical experiences. Of course, these may conceivably be fraud and even demonic interference, as might the weeping of the statue of the Virgin and images of Jesus in Gisella’s and her husband, Gianni’s, home. The concept that fallen angels could be on the origin of the messages nonetheless seems extraordinarily unlikely, given their theological content material and exhortations to holiness. There are a number of major causes for focusing on Trevignano Romano as a potentially necessary and stable prophetic source. “… thus I actually have again succeeded in suspending the time of the chastisement decreed by divine justice for a humanity which has turn into worse than on the time of the flood.”(#576). Gobbi labored tirelessly to meet the mission Our Lady entrusted to him. By March of 1973, about forty clergymen had joined the Marian Movement of Priests, and by the tip of 1985, Fr.