Tips on Arranging the Latest Minimalist Bathroom Designs

One of the most important parts of a house that needs attention is the layout and design of a minimalist bathroom. You can combine it with home interior design so it looks beautiful and elegant. One example is designing a door with materials that are simple but look good and minimalist. The room for bathing is recommended to use a minimalist design. The goal is that you can maximize its function as a place for bathing. You can also include various supporting accessories for bathing. Thus, you can shower comfortably.

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Bathroom Interior Design

  • It is recommended that you install a transparent glass. This is more effective than using curtains. Thus, your bathroom looks more spacious.
  • You are recommended to install a shower rather than a bathtub. This is because the shower installation process is simpler and does not require much space. Also, using a shower faster so you can save time.
  • Lighting is very important to note. It is recommended that you choose a bright color of the lamp. Choosing the color of white lights is the right solution so that your bathroom looks more spacious. Also, avoid choosing yellow lights.
  • There is a minimalist shelf. You can add shelves with waterproof criteria and are resistant to moisture in the bathroom. The goal is as a place to put your toiletries, namely soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and others.
  • You are also encouraged to color the bathroom walls with bright colors. Examples are white, gray and others. Also, you can combine several colors to increase the aesthetic value in the bathroom.

Design and Material for the Door

  • Plastic Materials

You can use plastic material to create a sliding door design. One of the advantages of plastic doors is that they are light in weight so they are easy to slide. However, the door also has a disadvantage, which requires a strong load-bearing structure to be hung above.

  • Glass material

There are two kinds of glass choices for bathroom door materials, namely clear and frosted glass. The advantage of this glass door is that it can give the impression of luxury and elegance.

However, the design of the door made of glass also has a disadvantage, that is if there are cracks in the glass can destroy the glass. Thus, the door becomes damaged and cannot be used anymore. Therefore, you must be more careful so that the door is durable and durable.

  • Aluminum material

Doors made of aluminum has many advantages, including durable, waterproof, termite resistant and not easily corroded. The design of the door for the bathroom also helped enhance the beauty of the interior design of the house.

  • PVC material

The advantages of this door are waterproof and resistant to moisture. Thus it is suitable to be applied as a material for your bathroom door. However, its lightweight makes many people do not choose this material for the door. This is because PVC doors are not strong when compared to other door materials.

  • Wood

Wood can be used as door material. This is because wood is very suitable to be applied to classic home designs compared to other door materials. The advantages of wood are stronger, neat and elegant. The existence of carvings on wood also enhances your door design.

However, wood material also has disadvantages, that is if it is often exposed to water it can cause wood to rot easily. Therefore, wooden doors require routine maintenance. The goal is that the door is durable and durable.

Quality Ceramic Design

Many choices of colors, shapes, and patterns that you can choose to increase the aesthetic value on the inside of the bathroom. You can choose an unobtrusive motif to make it look simple and minimalist. An example is you choose ceramics with the following criteria:

  • Porcelain and rock ceramics

The advantages of this type of ceramic are available in various shapes and sizes so that it is easy to apply in your simple home. Ceramic stone is very suitable for use on the floor-mounted shower.

  • Ceramics with flat surfaces

When choosing ceramics, it is recommended that you pay attention to the types of ceramics. Choose ceramics that are easy to clean, which have a flat surface and do not have engraving. The goal is to make the room look clean and comfortable for bathing.

Besides, you also have to choose quality ceramics. The goal is that the ceramic is not easily separated, cracked and broken so that it is durable and durable.

  • Brightly colored ceramics

You are advised to choose a bright color so as not to cause the appearance of white crust and stains on the ceramic. However, some dark colors are recommended for you to use, namely black, brown and red.

Minimalist Bathup Design

You can adjust the size of the bathtub with a minimalist bathroom size. Thus, the room you use is not narrow so that you are comfortable when bathing.Besides, you are also advised to get to know the type of bath up material before installing it. There are 3 types of bathtubs, namely acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain. Acrylic has a good insulator so that the water stays warm for a long time. The material is easy maintenance and not easily dull.

Fiberglass material is generally lightweight so it is easy in the manufacturing process. However, this material is easily scratched so it is not durable. Porcelain is also durable and stronger. However, porcelain material if damaged will be difficult to repair. You must choose a bath up according to your needs and functions. If only used to cleanse the body, use standard features. However, if the bath is used for bathing or relaxation then you can use a large soaking bath or walk-in bath.

Bathroom Accessories

Some additional accessories that must be prepared are dipper, toilet, squat or closet. You can also install a sink that has a mirror. The function of the sink is to brush your teeth or wash your face. In modern times, in general, the room for bathing is equipped with a hand shower. Hand shower installation is more practical and saves more water when compared to using a bathtub and dipper. Thus you can make the most of the place to shower. You are also advised to install a hanger as a place for towels and clothes. Also, other equipment that you can add is a trash can to maintain cleanliness in the place to shower.

You can choose a minimalist bathroom design by adjusting the interior design of the house so that it looks harmonious. When designing a room for bathing, you are advised to pay attention to the size, selection of materials for equipment such as doors, sinks, bathtubs, and others. Also, color selection is also important to consider.