Tips For Remodeling The Teen Girl’s Room

When you begin remodeling areas of the home, you need to think about the lives that it will disrupt. It’s sometimes best to start with a bedroom so that your kids have a place to sleep as soon as possible. They will likely want to eat in their rooms if you remodel the kitchen after the bedrooms, but you need to have a design idea in place, especially when it comes to a teen girl. Most teen girls don’t want the cute colors anymore, but they might not want the modern designs that young women enjoy. There are a few options that you can talk to a home remodeling contractor about before work is done so that your teen is happy and so that you spend as little money as possible.

Painting the walls is often the first step in transforming the teen’s room. A base of white or beige is usually a good place to start. You could paint one or two walls with an accent color, like teal, orange or green, so that it will be easier to add decorations to the room. The flooring should be easy to maintain, such as laminate that looks like hardwood or a carpet that is easy to keep clean.

Storage is usually a necessity for a teen girl. You can add bookcases to the walls in clever designs, or you could install large cabinets against the walls that are painted in fun colors. She can even help you paint them so that it feels more like her room instead of one that was designed without her input. A desk is also a benefit for the teen’s bedroom. It should be one with plenty of space where she can keep her books and other supplies for doing homework and reading. There should also be a comfortable place where she can sit, such as a plush chair with a nightstand beside it or even a couch with a small table where she can place a lamp. Try to design half of the room for comfort and the other half for function so that she has the best of both worlds.