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Small Bathroom Ideas

a8a52da461b6f9ba3d7495afa10a0476If you have a small bathroom, you can make it look a lot bigger than it is with a few renovation ideas. A contractor for bathroom remodeling in San Francisco can come to the home to examine the space before giving you tips on how to add more storage and how to use lighting to make the room look larger.

An area to look at remodeling is the sink. Consider an oval shape instead of one that is round as the oval can give a softer look in the room. It also takes up less space than the round sink would, which leaves more counter space for toiletries and baskets that can be used for storage.

A washstand is an item to consider. The item often has towel bars below the sink, giving you plenty of space to hang towels to dry or to keep towels in the room instead of using a large linen cabinet in the bathroom. This open design also goes for any tables that you have in the room. A small table with legs that aren’t covered gives you space on the top and underneath for storage while giving a decorative look at the same time.

Lighter colors often work best in a small bathroom. You don’t want to use dark colors that will tend to make the room feel enclosed. White, peach, green or blue are ideal colors for the bathroom and are easy to pair with decorations, such as seashells, lighthouses and other things that you might add to the room. An elaborate tiled floor can also give an illusion that there is more space.

There are probably things that you don’t want to sacrifice in the bathroom to make room for other necessities. For most people, this would be a tub or shower. If you need a large tub in order to relax after a long day, then consolidate the sink space, and make sure you have an area for the toilet that isn’t crowded on top of the counter or the tub. Built-in shelves are a good idea if you want a large tub as you can hide toiletries and towels without anyone knowing that they are there. Keep the windows free of cabinets that can block the natural light. An idea is to install a skylight in the room so that you always have a natural light present. This can make the bathroom appear larger during the day and at night, especially if there is a full moon.