Residence Exterior Color Mixtures

Dark wood exterior residence located on a large manicured country property surrounded by forest. The translucent garage doorways create a surprising impact together with the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. I love the style of this house.Shingle exterior residence with white trim and white garage doors. This is a classic East coast USA oceanside home exterior type.

Turquoise And White

See this whole home here.A treehouse beside a large and old tree. See this entire home right here.This home is manufactured from log and stone. It has beautiful indoors and offers wonderful outdoor facilities. See this whole residence right here.A modern home surrounded by the woods. See this whole home here.These houses are constructed with logs and stones. They have beautiful exteriors and have peaceful environment.

Interior Painting How

home exterior and interior

See this complete residence here.A mountain house that includes a black exterior and is roofed in snow. See this complete residence here.A clubhouse manufactured from wood and brick, and is surrounded by mature trees. See this whole home here.A gorgeous home known as “The Woodlands”, surrounded by plants and timber.

See this whole home right here.This house includes a wooden exterior along with a small garage. See this entire home here.Green tiny house that includes 2 loft bedrooms and a breakfast bar. See this whole home here.A tiny grey house with very comfortable inside design.

See this whole house right here.A massive home featuring an attractive interior with warm white lights. See this entire house right here.A fashionable home with glass home windows and doorways. It provides peaceable balconies overlooking the surroundings. See this complete home here.Contemporary mid-century style home with a picket exterior and has a small deck with a sitting lounge. See this complete home here.Large trendy home with a wood exterior. See this entire residence right here.A wooden residence that includes a spacious deck and a sprawling garden area. See this whole home right here.A large trendy home with a wood exterior along with a sprawling yard and garden space.