Mix and Match Men’s Clothing: Shirts and Long Pants

So far, we often assume that men’s clothes only dwell on neutral colors, such as white, black, dark blue, gray or beige, both for trousers or for shirts. That opinion is not entirely wrong, but it is also not entirely correct because men can also play colors in wearing clothes, especially for superiors, or in this case shirts. License a shirt tie
Before entering into the discussion of solid shirts and pants, it is first necessary to know about the rules of dress for men based on their skin tones.

• For Light Skin Tone. Avoid colors that are too bright, like yellow, orange and others. Even so, men with light skin tones can still wear light pink or blue clothing.
• For Medium Skin Tones. Men who have moderate skin tones should avoid colors that are too dark or too light (not firm).
• For Dark Skin Tone. Men who have dark skin tones are advised to avoid colors that are too light or too dark.
To be clearer, you can see the picture below:

Choosing a Combination of Men’s Clothing Based on Color Contrast

What is meant by contrast here is a combination that has a balance between dark and light tones. The combination of pants that have a darker color (rather than a shirt color) with a shirt that has a lighter color (than the color of the pants), or vice versa, will always give you a look that looks good and looks cool.
This kind of color combination is almost never wrong in giving a good appearance. An example is the combination of a white shirt with brown or black trousers. Besides white, for shirts, you can also wear beige, baby pink or sky blue. As for pants, you can choose dark blue, camel brown, or dark gray. Now, for the application, you can see in the pictures below:

The combination that must be considered not to do is a combination of a shirt and pants with a similar tone, as seen in the picture below:

Such a combination is a big mistake because it will make you neglected while in the social environment.

Wearing a Checkered Shirt or Pants or Striped Pattern

If you include a slim man, then you can wear a shirt with a checkered pattern if indeed you want to add the impression of a fuller body. However, if you are a fat man, avoid plaid patterns and wear shirts with stripes. While for your pants you can choose colors with a darker tone than the shirt.
If you want to wear plaid-patterned trousers, then for his shirt you should choose one that has a solid color or if you want to wear a plaid-patterned shirt too, then you should wear a shirt that is smaller than the grid pattern in the pants.

When you want to wear a shirt with a stripe pattern, then you have to wear pants with a color tone that matches the color of the shirt lines, as well as the tie, choose a tie color that is similar to the tone of the pants.

In its base, a shirt with a square pattern or a line suitable for pairing with plain pants (plain) which has a color with a tone that contrasts with the tone of the shirt.

5 Colors Universal Pants

Five colors of these pants must be at least in your closet because the five colors are suitable to be paired with any shirt color. 5 The colors are Khaki (light brown), black, beige, dark blue (navy), and gray. The difference between cream and khaki is that it contains more white elements, while khaki is a light brown color that resembles the color of instant coffee. Examples of its application (for light brown and dark blue) you can see in the picture below:

Color Pairs (Shirts and Pants) Always Matching

Here is a pair of shirt-pants colors that always give the right look to those who wear them:

• Black Shirt-White Pants.

• White Shirt-Gray Pants.

• Dark Blue Shirt-Khaki Pants (Light Brown).

• White Shirt-Navy Pants (Dark Blue).

• Light Blue Shirt-Dark Gray Pants.