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Bellavista Collection Goes to Salone del Mobile for the Tenth Time Soon

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Spring has begun. For many furniture makers it means (among other things) that Salone Internazionale del Mobile is not far off. The 58th edition of this highly prestigious trade event will run from 9th to 14th April 2019. Ever since 1961, this annual exhibition takes place in Milan, Italy, turning this city for a short while into a capital of furniture design. Manufacturers of high-end furniture from all over the world look forward for this event.

For Bellavista Collection – a brand well-known in many countries for its Italian luxury furniture, this event is a must-attend for the last ten years, since the brand itself was introduced during Salone del Mobile 2010. For Bellavista Collection, every edition of iSaloni means newly designed items, which are created specially for the show. This year the company will showcase furniture pieces designed by Bellavista’s brilliant designer Attilio Zanni.

Well, why Milan International Furniture salon (or iSaloni, as it’s sometimes called for short) is so special for furniture manufacturers? There is a number of reasons for this. First, it’s is the most reputable and influential trade show in the industry. No wonder: 58 years is more than enough to build a solid reputation and gain popularity with the flower of the industry professionals.

Second, the exhibition area of iSaloni is organized inventively indeed. In accordance with the style of the showpieces, the showground is split into three sectors with self-explanatory names: Classic: Tradition in the Future, Design, and xLux. For the first time it was done in 1965, and Salone del Mobile was the first trade show where pieces designed in similar styles were grouped together. The idea was a great success, and in just two years later, in 1967, the event was named ‘International’. It marked growing international influence of Salone del … READ MORE

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Air Conditioning Service in Tampa Won’t Cost You a Cool Million

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How do you know when you are getting state of the art air conditioning service in Tampa? A major clue comes when you get cooled off and relaxed for a whole month. But the clincher comes when the bill arrives and you don’t get all hot and bothered. When you need the air conditioning service tampa residents rely on to stay out of the sun, you need to do a bit of research to make sure you are really getting the best possible deal for your hard earned money.

You Need to Keep Your Cool When You Get Your Air Conditioning Fixed

Likewise, when you have serious problems with your air conditioning, you need to keep your cool. There’s no point getting hot under the collar. This is the exact kind of condition you are doing your best to avoid. You can keep the situation under control by having the number of a reliable air conditioning service in Tampa close to hand. This way, you can get the issue fixed without putting a major dent in your household budget.


What Qualities Should You Look for in a Tampa Air Conditioning Service?

When it comes to hiring a service in Tampa to fix your AC unit, there are a number of important qualities that you need to look for. To begin with, price is definitely an issue of the highest priority. You need to make sure that all of the charges are up front and present before you agree to use their service. The last thing you need to deal with are hidden charges and other “service fees” that come from nowhere and add a huge amount to your bill.

You also need to make sure that the service you hire is a local Tampa company. There is no point … READ MORE

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Tips To Consider Before You Start Building a Fence

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If you want to build a fence, you should think of it as a capital project that will take some time and money out of your pockets.

Of course, we live in the world where DIY projects are becoming more and more popular, especially because you can find numerous tutorials online on how to make anything.

It does not matter if you wish to choose wrought iron or wood fencing, because you will be able to do it yourself, but you have to understand specific steps that you have to take.

Even though you can find tutorials for various projects, some of them require more enthusiasm and energy than knowledge and skill. Since the fence is the most important part of our properties, you should have in mind these tips before you start working on it.

How Should You Start?

We all had someone in our neighborhood or that we know who knows how to build a fence from the very beginning. By seeing, someone does it, the voice in our head starts to tell us that we can do it too. Even though that could be true for some of us, other people do not have enough enthusiasm and knowledge to do it.

It is important to take an extensive amount of planning and prep work before you start building because that is the best way to get the job right. Therefore, it is important to follow certain tips that will help you do it, but have in mind that even with these tips you will have to break a sweat and work hard to make it work.

Contact Your City Council for Building Permit

Before you start a fencing project, it is important to talk with your land surveyor and people from your county so that you … READ MORE