Buy a Berber carpet in Marrakech: Feedback

We are always amazed when looking at authentic Berber carpets in front of our eyes, because we simply can’t resist their charm. Indeed, I remember my friend Marie, who came from the United States to spend a few days in Marrakech. She had no idea about Berber carpets and had never touched them in her hands.

After her arrival, we went to an antique market in Marrakech called “Souk”. As soon as she saw a carpet, she immediately fell in love with it. She asked me to give her some information. Yes, she just loved it but it was good news for me because I had a lot of knowledge about Moroccan rugs and I wanted to help her to buy her first carpet.

The first thing we did was to ask the seller to show us the different styles and shapes of Berber rugs in his store. Then I presented the name of each carpet separately and how it was made. Her surprise was enormous when she knew that these rugs were made by women in Berber tribes without the use of machines but only by hand.

This is not new for the women of this region. Since ancient times these women use these carpets to keep warm in winter. Also, they use like the Beni ouarain carpet as bedspreads and blankets, made of wool only. We also found Boucherouite carpets made from fabric scraps.

After a few moments, she saw another style of Berber carpet: the Tuareg carpets. She told me “It’s very different from the previous carpets we just saw”. I tried to give her more explanations. Indeed, these carpets are made in Saharan tribes with the best quality camel leather and sewn with the Tuareg reed. The artisans sew the carpet to perfection and the finish of the carpet is perfect. It is available in natural tones of reed and camel. Traditionally, Tuareg rugs were not dyed, so they are available in their true original colors.

Finally, she decided to buy one, she chose the Beni Ouarain carpet for its sobriety. But the big problem she was going to face after her purchase was to transport it to her home. That’s why today we offer you to buy our different carpets directly on our website. They are made by Moroccan craftsmen and shipped by us directly to your home. You will not need to go to the souk, or to worry about the transport of your future carpets. We offer you a selection of Beni ouarain carpets, or Boucherouite carpets that will bring an ethnic and chic touch to your home.