4 Important Things in Building Houses that Must Be Payed

When you want to have the first house, there are two choices you can take: buy a house or buy land and build it yourself. The first choice seems to be the most popular because it’s not complicated.
But not a few also take the second choice. The reason, intentionally looking for complicated. Eh, no ding. The truth is, it can be freer to be creative if you build your own house.
In addition, the budget for building a house can be tweaked or adjusted to financial capabilities. So, you don’t have to wake up right away. But it can be paid in installments, prioritizing important things first, for example, rooms and kitchens. The garden or canopy can follow when financially more adequate.

Building your own house is indeed more profitable. But, there are a number of important things in building a house. The following include:

1. Financial plan

The cost of building a house is not one hundred and two hundred thousand. So, the most basic thing that must be considered is the financial plan.
If it’s not ready to prepare finances, the bet is that the house isn’t finished. The front may be finished, but the room doesn’t have a window. Or the fence isn’t bought because the funds have run out.
Prepare at least two financial plans, yes. Because it’s not impossible the plan won’t run smoothly. The problem is that material prices can also go up and down like gasoline prices and electricity rates.
We recommend that you make a budget from the funds that are definitely there. For example calculation of salary per month. Bonuses should not be included in the plan, because they are not necessarily. In addition to the uncertain amount, the question of certainty is down or not yet clear. Yes, if given a bonus, if you can zonk?

2. Image plan

The plan is the basis for building a house. If there is no plan, how do you try the workers when you build the house. Next, the toilet was placed in front, the living room behind. Or there is a corner of the room that is not used. Kan, baby.
On the Internet, there are many examples of home plans that might be inspirational. The property question and answer rubric in the media also has a special idea for the house floor plan that is in accordance with the land area and room requirements.The land area must be ascertained, yes. Not only about a few square meters. Look at the land certificate. Because the area of ​​land affects the number of rooms that can be built.
If you want to rent architect services, that’s even better. The architect who will take care of everything. But the money must be prepared first.

3. Find workers

Many construction workers are available. But, I have to be careful to look for the real professional. Do not let the loan get funds to build a house.
Maybe you can ask the opinion of family or friends who have had good experience with certain builders. There are two types of construction workers, namely wholesale and daily.

4. Look for material

Look for material that fits your needs and of course finance. If the budget is only enough to buy a brick, it’s not wise to buy bricks. Unless there are additional plans to seek credit. Only, make sure that the credit can be repaid, not just credit origin.
When it comes to material matters, you can consult with acquaintances who know which building materials are the best. If you have found a repairman, you can also be consulted.
But do not let the nagging just nurturing want a handyman. Who has a house, who, Check prices offered by artisans with prices in stores so that there is no markup, aka budget inflating?
Those are 4 important things when building a house that must be observed. After the principle matters are correct, then we think about the knick-knacks at home. For example, if you want to attach a statue in the yard or make a waterfall, it’s up to you.

To be sure, the financial problem cannot be separated if you plan to build your own house. Because the budget may swell in the middle of the road because of many factors that influence, from the plan not mature until the material price rises beyond estimates.
This is certainly different if you buy a house. Love money, it’s OK. Houses can be directly occupied. But, inner satisfaction is definitely more optimal if you can build your own house as desired.