151 Houses With Pure Wood Exterior

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See this whole residence here.A minimalist visitor-oriented barn with a rich wood exterior and warm white lights on the interior. See this complete residence here.Contemporary and rustic craftsman home with a spacious interior. See this entire residence right here.A trendy residence with a picket exterior, along with gorgeous outdoor areas. See this whole home right here.This residence features a green exterior and presents a nice garden area.

Besides, it’s so cool, it might improve both our log house gallery and this gallery.Close up of a new home with vertical wood board residence exterior that includes the same wooden for assist columns. whereas it’s lots of wooden , it works.Here’s an excellent instance of a two-story trendy home with each wooden and flagstone exterior is pretty much equal components. Well, not many this grand and delightful, however many with the wood shingle siding. It’s a classic exterior.Here’s a great instance of a home with wooden slats applied on prime of a stucco exterior. It works nicely… imagine this house with just the pinkish-purple stucco. It wouldn’t look nearly as nice.Traditional-type house with a wooden exterior along with a well-maintained lawn area and a driveway leading to the house’s garage. See this whole home right here.This home boasts a gray exterior together with a soothing backyard with a well-maintained garden space with a number of sitting lounges close to the swimming pool.

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See this complete home right here.A treehouse beside a big and old tree. See this complete house right here.This house is manufactured from log and stone. It has lovely indoors and presents wonderful outdoor amenities. See this whole house here.A trendy home surrounded by the woods. See this entire home right here.These properties are built with logs and stones. They have stunning exteriors and have peaceable surroundings.

It’s also common in Oregon such as in Cannon Beach.Suburb residence with darkish wood exterior and translucent garage door. It’s a good thing there’s plenty of white trim to keep away from a depressing-wanting exterior.Custom new residence with vertical wood board exterior fitted round large home windows. A portion of the decrease home has what appears to be a stucco exterior.Interesting city residence with slat wooden exterior as well as a natural wooden garage door. The very totally different exteriors create an fascinating impact that works nicely.Here’s one other example of a house with two wooden-tone exteriors used to great effect. This residence has inexperienced trim as properly which works fantastically.

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Dark wood exterior residence located on a large manicured nation property surrounded by forest. The translucent garage doors create a stunning effect together with the big flooring-to-ceiling home windows. I love the fashion of this home.Shingle exterior house with white trim and white garage doorways. This is a traditional East coast USA oceanside house exterior fashion.