151 Homes With Natural Wood Exterior

See this whole home here.A large house that includes an attractive interior with warm white lights. See this whole house here.A fashionable house with glass home windows and doors. It presents peaceable balconies overlooking the surroundings. See this entire residence here.Contemporary mid-century type residence with a picket exterior and has a small deck with a sitting lounge. See this complete home here.Large fashionable house with a wood exterior. See this whole residence right here.A wood residence featuring a spacious deck and a sprawling garden area. See this complete home here.A large modern home with a wooden exterior together with a sprawling yard and garden space.

It’s an imposing house especially because it’s built upon a robust stone basis.Dark wood shingle siding with bright white trim make up this residence’s exterior… but discover the chimney – it’s stone. I love the straightforward facade restricted to simply the wood and using white to create contrast.Large dark wood exterior home with big tiered decks cascading down the sloping sprawling garden.

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See this entire house right here.Wooden house with a tower-like design. See this complete house right here.This wood residence boasts a wooden tower on the aspect. See this complete home right here.An amazing treehouse with a bridge and is surrounded by tall timber. See this complete home right here.A cottage home with a wooden exterior and glass doors. It has a pleasant patio area along with a properly-maintained lawn space with a walkway.

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See this complete home here.Modern treehouse with a wooden constructed and glass windows. See this entire residence here.A tiny house with a retractable deck and a loft bedroom. See this whole house here.A large floating house featuring a wooden exterior and a rooftop. See this entire home here.A water villa floating home with trendy wood exterior design. See this whole home here.A houseboat with a trendy picket exterior. See this complete residence here.Round wooden seaside house with magnificent exterior design. See this whole house right here.A large homemade of thick logs and woods.

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See this whole residence right here.A large house with a wood exterior surrounded by grassland and tall trees. See this complete house here.Modern home with a wood exterior and a large garage with a nice driveway. See this whole home right here.A trendy house with a jaw-dropping exterior design. See this whole house here.This house has strikingly stunning exterior design and has a small garden area. See this whole residence here.Cross-laminate timber cottage house with a gray exterior and a nice view of the lake. See this complete house right here.A distinctive modern house with amazing interior design.

It’s additionally frequent in Oregon corresponding to in Cannon Beach.Suburb residence with dark wood exterior and translucent garage door. It’s a good factor there’s plenty of white trim to avoid a dark-looking exterior.Custom new home with vertical wood board exterior fitted round massive windows. A portion of the lower home has what seems to be a stucco exterior.Interesting urban house with slat wood exterior in addition to a natural wooden garage door. The very completely different exteriors create an fascinating effect that works properly.Here’s another example of a home with two wood-tone exteriors used to nice effect. This home has inexperienced trim as nicely which works beautifully.

Houses With Pure Wooden Exterior (Photographs)

See this whole residence right here.This house features a wood exterior together with a small storage. See this entire residence right here.Green tiny house that includes 2 loft bedrooms and a breakfast bar. See this whole house here.A tiny grey home with very comfortable inside design.