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Reforming Accessories and Used Furniture

Organizing accessories and second-hand furniture can sometimes feel very dull and hopeless. But if you know how to get around in arranging accessories and furniture your ex, then you will be satisfied with the results you’ve created. Moreover, it is cheaper than buy a new one and becomes a lifestyles as written on on saving your money. Because the waste materials and accessories used-too dear discarded if they can be utilized. With its distinctive character, used materials or accessories resale appeal can be processed into the interior of the house. For those of you who just wants to try, here are some tips arrangement.

The first is to show the authenticity. Rework resale furniture with accessories can be done in two ways, which displays its distinctive character, or just hide it and give him a new look that is clean, smooth and neat. Your task is to choose one of these two alternatives. The second is a note of harmony styles of each element. You should not limit the choice of the same style object. You can bring together a variety of styles to give a red thread. For example, the addition of elements of the same color as an accent.

Reforming the former accessories and furniture can also be done by a third, namely to highlight the character of furniture. Carved wooden chairs legacy for example, you can mix with modern sofa upholstered plain neutral colors. Here, the chair of the heritage will be featured prominently at the center of attention, and a modern sofa will appear as supporting background. Both can appear harmonious and mutually supportive, without having to compete for the attention. The fourth is to give a new look furniture and accessories. This can be done by changing the color, whether color finishing and upholstery. It could also be, you subtract or add decorative elements contained in the object. For example, eliminating some elements of carving or engraving it adds some elements that can be affixed.

Five is to think out of the box. Find creative ideas are fun. Creating freely can give a fresh look, for example, the former element is processed into a door or wall decoration can be processed sideboard former cabinet of the sink in the toilet dry. Yes, there are many other creations you can create. The sixth is the mix of old and new stuff. This way, you can confirm which ones can be used as a supporting element. Through consideration of the size, line, shape, color, texture, and pattern, you can find a “formula” proportion, composition and aesthetics that is right for your interior.

Reforming the former accessories and furniture which can be done with seven tips to place the material that is appropriate for the conditions. In order not to seem strange, you should treat the furniture or accessories depending on the character of the material in the vicinity as well as the desired result. While the latter tips are matching material product resale with a simple product. Make furniture resale as an accent, that is with other products that are more quiet, simple, and elegant. For example, chairs and tables living room using recycled material scrap wood.