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Mowing lawns has a major impact on the quality of your home lawn. Proper mowing techniques and practices are important.

Maintaining a healthy lawn involves a variety of good lawn care practices throughout the entire growing season. In spring, when our lawns awaken from their dormancy, another season of lawn mowing begins.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of lawns hindered by improper mowing techniques. With a few simple adjustments to your approach to cutting grass, you can be on your way to a much healthier lawn.

Sharp Mower Blades

Mowing lawns with dull blades is one of the most common mistakes Jim has seen over the years. We can’t stress enough the importance of proper mower blade sharpening to ensure the clean cut,  rather than torn, jagged edges and uprooted new growth. Even the best reel mower for sale on the market still need regularly sharpen to ensure the quality cut. So, please arrange the proper sharpening schedule for your lawn mower.

What’s The Right Frequency and Height For Mowing Lawns?

The most important rule for mowing lawns that Jim has shared again and again, is to never cut more than one-third of the grass blade in a single mowing.

The taller blades help establish deeper root systems that take up good amounts of water and nutrients, making the lawn more drought resistant.

Low mowing also encourages broadleaf weed growth and invasion of creeping bentgrass and bluegrass overgrowth.

If you’re not sure how long to cut your grass, start by raising your blade by one-half an inch just to be on the safe side.

Turf can be mowed frequently throughout the season, as long as you follow this ‘one-third’ rule. A general rule for frequency of mowing lawns is once a week, and occasionally every four to five days after periods of heavy rain or the application of fertilizer.

The exception to higher cutting height is in the fall. For the last cut of the season, drop the blade height to the lowest setting.

Mowing Techniques

Starting with the longest side of your yard, cut your lawn in rows. This will give you nice straight rows and a tidy look overall. A diagonal pattern is also an attractive and professional look.

Mowing patterns should be altered from cut to cut each week. This lets the grass grow in an upright position and keeps you from forming grooves and ruts in the lawn.

  • Relax and take your time. Moving with a vengeance can result in muscle spasm and pain.
  • Have a comfortable grip on the mower’s handle. A heavy grip results in strain and overuse of neck, shoulder and upper back muscles.
  • Wear comfortable rubber soled shoes that will protect your feet and support your entire body.

Grass Clippings – Bag Them or Leave Them?

We recommend you leave grass clippings on the lawn. They contain valuable nutrients and water, and break down quickly.

A mulching self propelled lawn mower is a great investment that chops the grass clippings … READ MORE

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Container Gardening Articles

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Home And GardenThe shady regions around our residences are pleasant, but often they are bare spots devoid of flowering plants. You can either recycle these by saving popsicle/corn dog sticks from the meals you consume, or you can buy them at your regional craft retailer for about $five-$ten for a box of 500 (in year 2016). The Builders St. Louis Dwelling & Garden Show is actually six complete shows in one – Lawn & Garden, Pool & Spa, Kitchen & Bath, Interior Design, Sustainable Living and Developing Items.

These range in price tag from about $12.00- $50.00 (in year 2016) depending on the kit and form of pen. If you’re a garden blogger, we very encourage you to join us for the Fling, we welcome new Flingers with open arms! The London Spring Home and Garden Show is southwestern Ontario’s biggest and most complete home, renovating, gardening, landscaping and life style Show. It enables you to believe about your garden with out exposing your self to a frosty North wind. I encourage everyone who is feeling any level of pressure in their life to just commit some time each and every day in a garden.

Most ornamental garden varieties of maple will need a compost rich, well drained acid loam with dressings of properly decayed mature in late autumn. Each month or so I will photo the pages so that my reasers could get an idea of how to preserve a garden journal and to see what I have been carrying out. Two maiden sisters with complementary tips for their garden bequeathed a natural reserve garden and pretty beautiful gardens constructed in both informal and formal style.

Sherry has been applying the exact same compost bin considering the fact that 2009 and is adding to it in 2016. The garden functions woodland, wetland and prairie habitats and is residence to extra than 130 species of birds. Our plan is to show you gardens in both of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as effectively as gardens in suburbia. Hershey Children’s Garden was designed as the very first public children’s garden in the state of Ohio and it is also 1 of the couple of of its type in the United States. I just loved reading about your garden and seeing al the attractive flowers, and shrubs and so forth.

You can count on the most effective from more than 330 skilled Exhibitors, fascinating Function Regions, Stage Seminars & Demonstrations and Celebrity Guests in addition to Unique Function Displays, Home and Garden Marketplace, Flower Show, Design and style Centre, Innovations in Landscaping, the most up-to-date in interior & exterior Household Technology and Fabulous Prizes.… READ MORE

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MI Lake Residence Garden

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Home And GardenLane County Residence & Garden Show presents more than 300 exhibits for the home and garden. People today in Oklahoma stop by the household show to grow to be inspired, informed and energized with helpful assistance, thousands of options and the coolest new merchandise. We had a nice garden in our old property and we are making the garden in our new home. Toledo Botanical Garden has a lot of functions and aids neighborhoods to build neighborhood gardens. Final year, I started a new project in the garden – removing trees and replanting with sub-tropical plants.

If you have a handful of minutes just after touring Marge’s garden, walk up and down Summit to see the old mansions (Minnesota’s Governor’s Mansion is about two blocks away.) We’ll also see Lee and Jerry Shannon’s garden Named one particular of the 5 most effective gardens in the Twin Cities, this one particular is deceptive. It was made by Sue and Peter Hill for the 4Head Healing Herb Garden entry to the Chelsea Flower Show. This is a tiny group, and it really is a small perk for the many volunteer hours they’ve dedicated to the Fling. If all else fails you will have to use a watering can or garden hose to hold them watered.

Whether or not you are providing your property a facelift, creating new, remodeling, landscaping, or in search of upkeep the Lane County Dwelling & Garden Show is the fantastic marketplace of suggestions, trusted specialists, and all the inspiration to get began on almost everything from remodels to creating a new custom home! Less than $80.00 from Garden Gourmet When there, press shipping hyperlink for charges.

If you happen to live near Brighton, Michigan, the Brighton Garden Club is having its annual fund-raising sale on Might 21, 2016 at the Brighton Farmer’s Industry (200 N. 1st St. Each space of the Home and Garden show were filled with anything awe inspiring. Your admission consists of entrance to the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show presented by the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Honda Dealers & the Cincinnati Garden Market place.

The shed has become elevated to a new level some folks have carried out away with the usual wooden sheds with resident spiders and muddy floors, and they’ve flung out the old scruffy chair and the Tv with a dodgy aerial. The hands-down most luscious daffodil in my garden this year was the doubled Narcissus ‘Replete’ This exceptional garden diva has so considerably going on with all those petals! I love gardens and trees, I am preparing to place some hours in maintaining the garden.… READ MORE